Android O will arrive this August 21. Meanwhile, Google has decided to play with our minds

This Monday, August 21 will be exactly five months since Google released that first preview of Android O , the new version of the famous mobile operating system. In this five months we have been getting news and improvements that prepare us for the final version, which will finally arrive next Monday at almost the same time as the eclipse of the sun that we will have in North America.

Google has just confirmed that Monday 21 August will have an event from New York City where they will unveil all the final details of Android O, as well as its expected name. The event can be followed via streaming from the Android website and will start at 13.40 in Mexico and 20.40 in Spain .

Oreo or Octopus?

As already mentioned, that same Monday will be carried out a solar eclipse that can be enjoyed in almost all the United States and part of Latin America, something that Google wants to take advantage of as an anteroom for its announcement. So, on the Android website we will find links to NASA to continue live in the eclipse while we wait for the Android O launch. Well played Google.
Many of the new features that will incorporate Android O are already known, and unless they have something kept under the sleeve attention will focus on the name that will give the new operating system.
So far the names that sound most are 'Oreo', 'Octopus', 'Oatmeal Cookie' and 'Orangina', but the first two are being taken all comments after it was discovered that Google "hid" a video On Google+ with the name GoogleOreo Teaser 0817_noDroids (1) .mp4 , so it was almost a fact that 'Oreo' would be the final name.

But you know, we are talking about Google and everything may be possible, so upon discovering this file the company deleted it and uploaded it again but now with the name Octopus Teaser.mp4 . As you are already imagining, right now there are all kinds of theories and deep analysis of how Google tries to hide what we will see this Monday. In short, Google is playing with our minds ( again ).

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