Fusion is the first GoPro action camera to record contents in 360 degrees

GoPro is having a hard time reinventing itself, appearing in the market in a dazzling way with its initial models of Hero, and the truth is that it knew to make them evolve towards better products. But the reality is that users did not recycle at the speed they wanted the brand and their financial results began to falter.
The solution was to diversify - and we saw them try with drones -, logic said that the next thing they could do was a camera that recorded contents in 360 degrees, and that's GoPro Fusion .
You may be bored to see Chinese brands making cameras that register the world in a spherical way, at the other end we have Samsung doing the same with his Gear 360 , also Nikon.

What does GoPro bring to this? Well, we do not have all the data to figure out where the difference is, but what little we know looks good.
As the resolution to which it is capable of recording Fusion: GoPro says its new action camera can work in 5.2K format at 30 frames per second . Let's go with the first example video that the American company has shared:

The GoPro Fusion will be available worldwide by the end of the year , there is still no information on possible models or prices. In the summer it will be in the hands of companies that can extract juice in a professional way: agencies and brands in a pilot program.
The concept is not too clear, but it seems that GoPro wants to create a gadget that is both an action camera - with the quality of its Hero - as a camera that records content in 360 degrees. Obviously it is a creative element of content for the flourishing virtual reality.
A few months ago we were taught that they were playing with a device that did this, without having to add different GoPro:

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