For NASA the future of space missions is in this 'space cloth' printed in 3D

Imagine a material that can be used as a surface so that we can walk on unknown planets, such as coverings for ships, antennas, or as astronaut suits, among other possible applications. This is precisely what NASA has developed thanks to its research department, a material that has so far been dubbed 'space fabric' .
The NASA is relying on 3D printing to create this patterned metal fabric '4D', which looks chained mesh. This will allow you to not only be used in a myriad of tasks, but it can be destroyed when you finish using it in order to re-create a new tool of the same material.

A host of possible applications

NASA has not specified the technical details or the materials used to give life to this "new" material, they only mention that thanks to its properties it is able to reflect the light on one of its faces, while the other serves to absorb it . According to the agency, this will allow to have a thermal control for the management of passive heat.
You can also fold and adopt different shapes and designs, but the most important is the reuse factor you have, since this same material can serve a task and then reprints in 3D, to give a completely different shape that serves For another purpose. In short, you can print, use, test, destroy, and reprint as many times as you need.
Thanks to this versatility, NASA intends to use this material in the manufacture of space suits, giant antennas or deployable communication devices, to isolate spacecraft, as well as to collect unknown objects from other planets, and even as surfaces for astronauts or Rovers can walk safely on unexplored terrain.
This 'space fabric' is still at an early stage of development, so it is unknown when we could see it in action on some mission, but NASA is convinced that it is the material of the future .

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