GBoard for Android: Real-time translation as you type in 100 languages ​​in just two taps

Although it was available for iOS before it for Google's own system, its own Gboard keyboard came to Android and recently received a very interesting and useful update for this platform. Do you often resort to dictionary and translation apps? With GBoard you have a real-time translation as you type .

As for writing in several languages, GBoard has already incorporated multilanguage support, being able to compete more than you with Swiftkey , a well-known third-party keyboard with a lot of experience and users. Along with the integrated search, with this update the Google add a good incentive especially if we want to save time and effort in translating texts. 

We explain how it works.

Easy and straightforward, without leaving the app

The first thing is to make sure we have the latest version of the keyboard installed, going to the Google Play Store and seeing if we get the "Update" button (the version is, dated March 9, 2017) , Or to download it if we are not users. Once we have the downloaded app or a day we will have to choose it as our keyboard of choice.

For those who are not familiar with the keyboard of Google, its main difference with the rest and the previous version of it is the Google icon in the upper right corner that is the menu button. By clicking on it we will access the Google search (which appears above, with some suggestions) and we will see a series of sections in what is the bar of suggestions of scriptures, the first being the translator (it is the Google Translate icon).

After this we will already have the field of writing to enter the text that we want to translate. As with the web translator or the app, we can rely on automatic detection for the input language or select it (on the left side),choosing the language to which we want to convert the text to the right.

To return to the normal keyboard we will simply have to press the right arrow icon that exits instead of the Google menu. We will also have to take into account that any view we activate (translation, GIF keyboard, etc.) will be automatically disabled if the screen is idle or if we have the unlocked screen flip and we do.

As we can see, the text is translated as we write in real time, streamlining much of the process if we thought to write something in our native language (or what we find comfortable) to translate later by words or fragments. We also have many options given that Google has more than 100 languages, but that, for now this feature is only available in the version for Android.

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