In Japan artificial intelligence begins to do the work of office workers

So far the automation of manufacturing processes had been featured in the introduction of machines in industrial and business segments, but now the robots and artificial intelligence have begun to make its entry into " white collar" jobs .
This is the case of the insurance company Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance, which will start using the "IBM Watson Explorer" platform this month to replace 34 administrative work that hospital records scanned documents to establish payments and fraud.
AI, the conquest of office work
The company will spend $ 1.7 million to install the system and will also pay $ 128,000 in maintenance, a high expense that nonetheless will save you $ 1.1 million in wages thanks to the use of IBM software. In two years therefore they expect this investment to be made profitable .
This economic return is not the only advantage of artificial intelligence system, which according to those responsible for implementation will allow to increase productivity by 30% . IBM's system had already been used even to analyze customer reaction to an automated customer care system like this, but that was where artificial intelligence learned and adapted to improve that care.
This type of project to replace workers , "white collar" (who do most typical assembly manual labor but more administrative work) for automated systems are becoming increasingly popular . Three other Japanese insurance companies are evaluating these systems, and an Israeli firm, Lemonade, has invested 60 million dollars to "replace brokers and paperwork with robots and machine learning."

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