Beware: the future sex robots could kill us from loving each other

It is not a joke: there is already one Congress on Love and sex with robots . Researchers who are working in this area discussed there about the future of robots in this area , and the conclusions were more disturbing than we could imagine.
Swiss expert Oliver Bendel warned of such dangers, and highlighted the threat of robots that could strain too hard for human resistance - remember, robots do not get tired and "do not have a headache" - but also the fact that these robots could be as pleasurable sex that some argue that since no human being would do this to another human being.
Problems of robotic sex
Ethical issues therefore raise a debate at several levels. Bendel indicated how machine learning systems and artificial intelligence could even end up serving for robots "sedujesen" human .
There were also minor but not unreasonable issues: should sex robots be willing to perform that function at all times? Were they also willing to fulfill all sexual fantasies , by morally arguable that these be?
The arrival of these sexual robots could also create a new digital divide between those who can afford it and those who do not , and those who simply be supplanted by those machines. There are many questions that raises again an area that may not real short - term solutions are seen, but it certainly is not as far as it seemed a few years ago.

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